Housing.com’s IPL Focused BestHomeCommentator contest a roaring success on Twitter

Housing.com’s IPL focused #BestHomeCommentator contest garners a roaring success on Twitter with a fun based opportunity of live commentary sharing.

Real estate portal Housing.com has announced the winners of its IPL focused #BestHomeCommentator contest on microblogging site, Twitter. A total of 60 winners were announced by the digital real estate firm at the end of the contest, which was launched with the aim to make the IPL 2020 fun event even more entertaining for viewers by providing them with an opportunity to share their live commentary about the matches right from the comfort of their homes.

The winners of the Twitter campaign had to follow Housing.com on the micro-blogging site and use #BestHomeCommentator while sharing their witty comments and observations about the cricket match to win the exciting prizes.

The idea of the campaign was based on an in-depth social listening activity, that revealed an insight that the Twitterati enjoys sharing fun observations about the match, players, and teams during a live match, which is similar to a live commentary. And in 2020, this commentary was being done entirely from home. This opened up the opportunity to have fun banter around the players and matches online and at the same time place the brand Housing.com in the conversation. 

According to Snehil Gautam, Head, Growth, and Marketing, Housing.com, Makaan.com & PropTiger.com, “since the brand caters to a wide range of audiences from buyers, tenants, and PG seekers to homeowners, property agents and developers, IPL was the right choice for the brand to reach out to all its stakeholders across the country.”

Housing.com in fact advertised during IPL on both TV and digital, with an aim to cash in on the mega event in order to increase its reach among the viewers.

“The pandemic did act as a spoilsport for cricket lovers in India, as they were forced to watch the matches on television sets and other digital devices alone, within their homes. Hence with an aim to increase the fun for viewers and cricket lovers, we launched our #BestHomeCommentator contest. From a brand awareness point of view, the contest has been highly successful, resulting in over a million organic impressions on Twitter with this campaign,” said Gautam.

Photo by Jurie Maree from Pexels

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