Fantico introduces a list of Bollywood collectibles

Fantico has put up digital collectibles of Bollywood personalities across genres. The collectors will get access to these collectibles where they do this.

Fantico, a digital licensed collectibles platform, focuses on curating assets in the fields of cinema, sports, art, music, and other valuable collectibles. The platform has put up digital collectibles of various renowned personalities across genres. The collectors will be given access to these collectibles where they can purchase them using NFTs.

India always comes together when we say Bollywood, it’s not a phase but a craze. Be it the films, plots, the lyrics of songs or even iconic costumes worn by actors, the audiences love it all. Fantico has added iconic Bollywood collectibles on the platform

Abhayanand Singh, Group CEO and Co-Founder of Vistas Media Capital said, “With this first of a kind NFT launch on our platform which merges the physical and the digital world, we hope that we can bring in a new method of monetization for such creations. We are happy to add Bollywood celebrity centric collectibles on our platform. Fantico is here to redefine the fandom on the digital metaverse and create a unique experience for all the fans.”

These collectibles are not only digital but are also backed by original physical assets, the ones showcased on the platform. Below are the details of the items:

Music centered:

·       Javed Akhtar’s signed handwritten lyrics of the super hit Sridevi dance song from Shekhar Kapoor’s Mr. India: The Khwabon Ki Shehzaadi (princess of dreams) was everyone’s heartthrob, she reigned like an empress and stole hearts. While Sri Devi was the true Goddess of the song Hawa Hawai, Javed Akhtar created her aura with his poetry. The original hand-written iconic number on paper by Javed Saab could now be a part of your precious collection. All you need to do is bid for the auction, win it, and wait for it to arrive at your doorstep. A legacy to treasure and cherish, we never thought dreams could come true with a mere click of a button.

·       Lyrics of the classic Amitabh-Smita rain song ‘Aaj rapat jaaen’: Superhit Kishore Kumar & Asha Bhosle rain duet “Aaj rapat jaayen” from the Amitabh Bachchan blockbuster Namak Halaal, in the handwriting of its lyricist, the legendary poet and lyricist Anjaan Saab.

·       Hand penned lyrics of the title track of the Shah Rukh Khan- Karan Johar classic ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’Kuch Kuch Hota Hai marked the glorious debut of Karan Johar and is a classic of its time, besides being a super hit of Shah Rukh Khan’s career. Acquire the super hit title song on the letterhead of its ace lyricist Sameer Anjaan, in the poet’s own handwriting.

·       Anjaan’s  Platinum Jubilee Trophy of Namak HalaalBetween the father-son duo of Anjaan and Sameer Anjaan rests a treasure of songs, music, poetry, lyrics and memorabilia covering more than seven glittering decades of Hindi cinema, popularly known as Bollywood. A rare honor awarded to lyricist Anjaan for the super hit Amitabh Bachchanfilm Namak Halaal when it crossed 75 glorious weeks in theatres. This rare gem features a cut-out of Amitabh from the popular ‘Pag ghungroo bandh..’ the blockbuster Kishore Kumar track is just a click away for fans!

Costume centered:

·       Akshay Kumar’s Versace trench-coat from Dharmesh Darshan’s Dhadkan: Versace. Luxury, Panache, Elite, Exclusive, Sophistication. A cherry on top when your favorite actor gracefully carries  it off in your favorite song. Dhadkan is a 2000 romantic musical directed by Dharmesh Darshan. The blockbuster star, Akshay Kumar, wore this rich cream-coloured trench coat during a hit song from Darshan’s love saga. With this coat in your collectibles wardrobe, you will be closer to the macho, rugged, lean, dusky and dreamy Megastar. The outfit in which Akshay Kumar romanced Shilpa Shetty is iconic for their love scenes. A jackpot for Akshay fans!

·       Talat Aziz’s jacket and harmonium:  (1)Classic Jodhpuri Bandhgala in Blue-Black Color Striped belongs to one of the greatest Ghazal singers of all time Talat Aziz. This Jacket is an impeccable masterwork that embraces Aziz’s enormous personality. Aziz wore this on a tour to the US with the legendary Asha Bhosle titled ICONIC Tour in Aug/Sep 2015. Subtle buttons are given to elevate the look of the Jacket.

(2) An antique scale changer harmonium at least 70 years old with aged Burma Teak and reeds made of an alloy of braze copper and phosphor. Used for almost 32 years by Talat Aziz creating history with soulful songs, captivating audiences across the world, it made ‘The Talat Aziz’. This instrument was also played by ghazal greats like Ghulam Ali Sahab and even Mehdi Hasan Sahab.

·       Johny Lever – John Prakash Rao “Johny Lever” Janumala, better known as Johny Lever is one of India’s first standup comedians, who began in the early 1970s, and later went on to become one of the best comic actors in the industry. He has appeared in over 300 Bollywood films and has received numerous accolades, including 13 Filmfare Award nominations for Best Performance in a Comic Role.

Details of his bollypunks:

Beach Lever – He is wearing a floral shirt and a pair of boxers for a tropical vibe and his sunglasses and hat add to that beach spirit.

Chota Chatri – Johny lever acted the role of a goon in many films. He is wearing a green t-shirt and floral blue shirt over it along with funky formal pants and a silver-toned chain.

Sardar Khush Hua – Har dhoti pehen ne wala Gandhi nahi, Sardar bhi ho sakta hai! A Punjabi look where he is wearing a “Tamba” meaning lungi, Kurta and a yellow turban.

Natkhat Rani Badi Sayani – Johny lever dressed in a blue and yellow pleated saree, all set to steal hearts with his expressions and comedy.

Pappi Anna – Johny lever is dressed in a colorful south Indian outfit and is decked up in gold.

Aslam Bhai – Presenting Johny Lever as Aslam Bhai, straight from Mohd Ali Road, Mumbai!

Stand Up – We’ve all loved and admired Johny Lever’s acting skills but never got an opportunity to own a rip-roaring stand-up comedy act by the ace punster. So, here his fans get two gems to own exclusively as NFTs

Street Fights – Lever’s comical insights point out the unique elements in street fights of today’s era in contrast to the olden days.

Cricket, TV and the Indian Family– This rare video brings out every household’s story of how people start talking to the cricket players during a match on television with utmost conviction that they’re listening.

Johny Lever Zoom Video call NFT  – a thrilling experience for the fans to engage with Johny Lever on a five-minute recorded Zoom video call. A unique experience to own a very unique NFT of Johny Lever and attend a video call exclusively with the king of comedy himself.

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