Indian Movies that Challenged the Conventional Narrative in 2022

Here are some Indian movies that depicted the brutal truth about the religious atrocities in India and some which glorified the ethos of Indian culture.

Movies are a propaganda mechanism and it could seamlessly influence people to think or act differently. Unfortunately, bollywood movies so far have been the most opinionated. While we say opinionated, it thrusts the thoughts and opinions of one particular religion that is known for its brutality. 

The values and beliefs of an average Indian (who happens to be a Hindu) are often questioned through these movies. Right from the baby boomers to millennials have all been forced to agree on a specific agenda. PK for example, focused on demonizing a hindu religious leader with massive followers.

Ironically, zero mentions of the brutality of militants of a particular religion either in the mainstream news or in any public forums. Hence, suppression of the voice of the huge hindu population took place.

Apparently, some mainstream bollywood movies are constantly showcasing a radical societal structure that depicts the non-existence of certain facts.  

On that note, here are some Indian movies that depicted the brutal truth about the religious, intellectual, and communal atrocities in India. These movies went completely unnoticed and yet recorded massive sales in the box office.

The Kashmir Files

Criticism, bashing, and boycott are the three words to describe the response for the movie. However, all these efforts from the liberal faction was pretty sufficient to make it one of the high grossing movies of the year. It brutally spoke about the horrors Kashmiri Pandits went through and how they became refugees in their own country. 

Living upon the success of this movie, Vivek Agnihotri plans to come up with movies on incidents where Hindus were the victims.

Do check our review on the movie!

The Conversion

Love Jihad is a serious problem across India. And a low profile movie – The Conversion beautifully explained the horrors that young girls go through because of them falling in love with the wrong guy. Even though, the movie was well received in certain geographies where love jihad is pretty rampant.

Karthikeya 2

We all worship Krishna as a god and not because he descends from nowhere and poses as a godly figure, but because of his contribution to the world. Karthikeya 2 explained these facts, and the treasure hunt sequences make it more enticing and worth watching. Anupam Kher speaking about Krishna and his contributions to the world is a wonderful sequence in the movie. With such movies, Indian culture will sustain forever.


Hinduism is not a religion, but a way of life as it always asks us to respect the natural habitat and coexist with other beings. We heard this time and again in all spiritual discourses and through our grandparents. But what if all this came as a movie? The result is an all-time blockbuster that gives you goosebumps throughout the sequences. Watching this movie, nobody will dare to question the presence of god. The song Varaha Roopam is devotional as well as contemporary themed. Hence it is the favourite of many.

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