Faasos newest campaign: ‘Boring Hata, Faasos Manga’

Rebel Foods, the world’s largest internet restaurant company unveiled their new campaign ‘Boring Hata, Faasos Manga’ for its flagship food brand Faasos.

Rebel Foods, the world’s largest internet restaurant company unveiled their new campaign ‘Boring Hata, Faasos Manga’ for its flagship food brand Faasos. Over the years, the brand has always stood for breaking the monotony and has challenged dated stereotypes, be it in food or daily life. Through this campaign, the agency aptly captures the consumer insight and problems of indulging in the same bland food items repeatedly on multiple occasions, making them bored and hangry.

OTT stars Anchal Singh and Vihaan Samat take a stand against boring meals, making their frustration heard in the film. They are seen venting and switching to exciting Faasos wraps across fast-food situations like working lunch, house parties, and date nights at home. The advertisements aim to spread the message of breaking out of a routine and exploring interesting options offered by the brand.

Speaking about the campaign, Amit Akali, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, Wondrlab said, “For decades, some food items have become the default choice for certain occasions. Be it sandwiches for working lunch or pizza at house parties, eating the same food, again and again, has bored the consumer, who today, is constantly looking out for new and exciting options. Basis this insight, we took it upon ourselves to become the voice of the bored consumer and give them an exciting alternative in the form of Faasos. This strategy lends itself beautifully to the unique gesture of holding a Faasos wrap which is the same as holding a mike. Once the idea was cracked, in the writing, the team brought out the angst we all feel when we yet again see a stale piece of the same food. We have just voiced that angst!”

Talking about the campaign, Indrajit Ghosh – Vice President, Marketing Communications at Rebel Foods said, “What’s Your Problem has done a tremendously good job at coming up with a campaign which is so in tune with the world today. With life resuming its fast pace, this campaign has come at the right time and was very well the need of the hour. No one enjoys eating the same things repeatedly, especially when there are so many options out there to choose from. We are sure that everyone feels the same frustration with the repetition of food, we are just voicing it out on everyone’s behalf through this campaign. The vast variety of flavors and options that come with Faasos wraps is the perfect solution to this problem.”

This campaign will be spread across various digital channels and platforms. This includes social media, OTT platforms and will be promoted through digital and influencer marketing as well to ensure that it reaches the target audiences.

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