Doctor’s Choice brings global standards in health supplements to India

Doctor’s Choice is a homegrown and bootstrapped health supplement brand that exemplifies the concept of Atmanirbhar Bharat. Read More.

When Ankit Jha entered the fitness and bodybuilding space a few years back owing to his passion, what struck him to be missing was the easy availability of genuine health and nutrition supplements for gym-goers and athletes. In a fitness market saturated with cheap, fake, and unapproved products, Doctor’s Choice is founded by the husband-wife duo Ankit Jha and Nupur Vats with a vision to offer international science-backed supplements for varying needs that do not compromise on quality.

The Indian wellness and health industry is one of the fastest-growing in the world, with nutritional and health supplements helping people achieve and sustain a healthy body and conscious lifestyles. Having tapped into one-third of the market within 3 years of operations, the homegrown and bootstrapped health supplement brand also exemplifies the concept of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ along with ‘Think Global, Act Local.’

Doctor’s Choice currently has a range of products in India, including a soon-to-launch specific line for women’s fitness needs, all of which are designed and specially formulated by a team of international researchers.

A differentiating factor for Doctor’s Choice is its integration of research-based formulations for every health goal, along with uncompromising international standards for all its products in the health and wellness space. The brand also has a 100% natural product line that has been introduced in the domestic market for the first time. Mindful of its customers’ needs, Doctor’s Choice is the only Indian maker of fully sugar-free products in unique flavors including Blueberry Smoothie, Mango Slush, and Tropical Orange.

Based in New Delhi, Doctor’s Choice has a loyal customer base in Northern India, with a whopping 70+ percent retention of customers. The co-founders plan to expand the clientele to Southern and other parts of the Indian market.

Ankit Jha, Co-Founder, Doctor’s Choice says: “Health and nutrition supplements are widely consumed with a major consumer chunk often falling for fake products, which continues to be a major problem in the health supplement industry.  With our brand, we aim to enable people to realize their true fitness potential while giving them genuine products made with international standards.”

Nupur Vats, Co-Founder, Doctor’s Choice says: “Doctor’s choice is a first-of-its-kind brand with many factors such as women’s products, natural products, and sugar-free flavoured products setting it apart. We aim to introduce more products to our portfolio by this year.  While equipping our Indian clientele with only the best, we are also taking steps towards expansion and being a step closer to self-reliant India. We also have Refuel tablets, which is made keeping in mind immunity-boosting during COVID-19 pandemic.”

The products are available on, and all leading e-commerce marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Healthkart.

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