360 Realtors Tech-enabled Franchise Network Edge expands Rapidly

360 EDGE, the franchise network arm of 360 Realtors, has clocked more than 25 franchises in CY 21 and that’s a rapid expansion.

360 EDGE, the franchise network arm of 360 Realtors, has clocked more than 25 franchises in CY 21. These franchises have been distributed all over India including but not limited to Gurgaon, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Noida, Faridabad, etc. This is a big achievement for the venture, which has been incubated in June the previous year. Slowly and gradually the venture is consolidating its stronghold in building an asset-light and scalable franchise network of real estate advisories.

“In a country like India with a 1.3 billion population and a rapidly growing middle class, there is no dearth of aggregate real estate demand. All it needs is to have the right product type, relevant technological support, and zeal to serve your customer well. In all these three parameters, 360 EDGE has built a strong foundational base” Quoted Mr. Ankit Kansal, Founder & MD, 360 Realtors, and 360 Edge.

By associating with 360 EDGE, Franchises get an opportunity to sell top-class projects with Cat-A Indian developers and earn higher margins. 360 EDGE also designates a full-time Relationship Manager for every franchisee to ensure smoother communication with all the required stakeholders.

In terms of technology, the franchises employ a custom-built CRM platform by 360 Realtors. The proprietary platform from the parent company helps franchises in effective lead management, team effort management, booking, and brokerage management under a single integrated platform. 360 EDGE is also pioneering in using cutting edge analytics for franchises to render usable insights on lead cycle management, projects and site visits mapping, client profiling, and much more.

“In a post COVID-19 world, real estate business needs seamless technological backbone that can offer agility and speed alongside smoothly navigating the new normal. In this regard, our analytics, CRM, and other technological support are acting as a useful tool in bridging the current gaps and offering businesses an enabling atmosphere to scale-up fast. By taking our franchises, the business can avoid building such platforms in-house and focus on their core business.” Said, Mr. Sahil Kapoor,

National Head- 360 EDGE. 360 EDGE is also building an expansive training facility, under the flagship of 360 Realty Academy. The training program is preparing a talented pool of real estate professionals by offering training to individuals across a range of subjects such as real estate transactions, market intelligence, documentation & legal aspects of real estate, communication skills, etc. So far around 120 individuals have been trained by 360 Realty Academy that leverages a blend of online classroom training, offline classes, and on-job training.

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