Twisted Love by Khushbu Jain

Yet another Flash Fiction masterpiece from a participant- Khushbu Jain. More stories on the way. Keep looking Flash Fiction page.

Hatred is the love that gives back, and there is a pain that binds the hate, which is broken in our chest.

How can these two parts of love tell about the storm and the darkness? We often know someone by the name of a storm and who is light but it is a difference to feel the raindrops

In the beginning of love everything seems new, it happens for the first time and we want to feel everything, we are aware that sadness will surely come with happiness, sadness means pain

A girl who had a lack of love in her life and her dream was that once someone fulfills her lack of love, she was so in love with love that she used to help every loved one. Why did she talk so much about love because she forgot in the depths of hatred and pain, she forgot herself too. The person who lacks love in life, his life would be better than work.

Where there is a will, there is a way, and where there is a way, there are also those who want, where there are those who want, there comes a hit on its own.

When there is fear in the heart, the heart means something new to the public, but when the heart beats, they know everything, it also remains silent. Whose mind is clear, its truth is visible but faith is invisible

A Chance

There is only one chance that is engaged in his hard work all his life. Why should we give him a chance, only to accept and disseminate the same thing. Chance means a trust that has come from the front, don’t say “no” and “yes” too,
This is the distance between no and yes, let it be like that. Why do you make the mistake of thinking no to define as yes why do we do the same as people do, we leave the khurd behind, look, I have given the chance means my hand with him, who is that little more than a friend and a little less than life?

Today, seeing is the second name of love is Lust, everyone knows this, but they hide, we say that we promise to sacrifice my life for you, just mix your soul with me. Why do we call love when it is not love?

Khushbu’s Question does intrigue us, right? Well, this is the second story in line guys. Keep watching this space. In the meantime do read Tim by Promita Guha.

Image by ArtTower from Pixabay

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