Tone of Voice – The Most Critical Element in Marketing Communications

Tone of Voice
What is tone of voice? Why brands are keen on implementing tone of voice as part of their communications strategy? Explore in this blog.

Tone of voice became a critical element in marketing communications in the past few years. According to a study, 65 per cent of the customers tend to emotionally connect with a brand if the latter has a positive tone of communication. But, what is tone of voice? Is it part of the regular grammatical elements? Why blue chip brands are keen on implementing tone of voice as part of their core communications strategy? Let us explore!

What is Tone of Voice?

While communicating, the purpose varies according to the situation. At times of distress, an individual tends to exhibit an ironic tone of voice or at times of anger, agitation is the typical tone. However, when it comes to marketing communication or brand voice, it is essential to note that the audience never feel the constant thrust placed by the brand.

Therefore, maintaining neutrality in tone and ensuring humbleness is of paramount importance. In all forms of communication addressed to the audience must also reflect what the brand stands for so that the audience would connect with the values. So that the possibility of engagement is relatively high.

What are the key elements involved in tone of voice?

Brand identity is the key element in tone of voice. Added to that, jargons, buzzwords and cliches specific to domain are important. Moreover, clear and concise is key to ensure the right message reaches the right audience.

Different roles in tone of voice communication

Tone of voice as an activity consists of different roles and depending upon the audience and stakeholders one has to define the role.


The purpose of motivating is to push people ahead to sustain even during the times of distress. For example, during the pandemic, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation to make announcements himself. In one address he urged people to light lamps and cheer up for our healthcare frontliners.


In certain cases while addressing employees, partners, vendors and others, a brand or an entity has to constantly educate them. Hubspot is a SaaS based solutions provider and it offers enough study material to educate marketers and sales folks to understand the trends in the industry.


Observe the communication style of business coaches in their videos. The way they exhibit flamboyance influences people to perform the action they direct. The most successful trainers follow this communication role and influence behaviour of their followers.


The informal tone of communication is majorly relevant while addressing employees (as part of internal communications) or while addressing a common B2C audience (such as millennials, Gen Z etc.). Also, the products placed in the forefront also matters.

Tone of Voice essential for all businesses

Tone of voice as a communication strategy is till now more valid in large organizations. However, when it comes to smaller organizations, there is a question of having a communication strategy itself as they all consider it as a luxury. However, little do they realize that having a communications strategy and inculcating tone of voice practices will help them attain a competitive edge over their competitors.

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